Types of Membership 

Principal Membership ($600):  Shall be a commercial, corporate or government real estate owner, investor, developer, asset manager, property manager, facility manager, leasing/marketing representative and those who earn their primary livelihood from associated disciplines, located within the boundaries of the Association.  The building or company is considered the Member and shall have one (1) designated representative. Principal Member examples may include:

Building Owners
Real Estate Owners
Asset Managers
Property Managers
Facility Managers
Leasing/Marketing Representative

Principal Additional Membership ($550):  Additional individual from the principal representative's firm. A Principal Additional Representative shall not exist in the absence of a Principal Representative member.

Associate Membership ($800):  Shall be companies whose primary business is in providing products or services which have a direct interest in real estate in which Principal Members are involved.  The company is the primary member of the Association not the designated representative.